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Welcome Tennessee!

Armada Glass Company Students by State

It's always great getting to know our students when they join us in the glass blowing classes. One of the questions we always ask is, "How far did you come to get to us?" Armada is a small village in northern Macomb County. It is a beautiful little place and it is wonderful bringing in people to experience this great village. We're about 45 minutes north of Detroit, so not too far from the city, but we're amongst corn fields, soybeans, and apple orchards!

One of our recent classes answered, "We're from Tennessee!" How cool! We are so very thankful to all of our wonderful students and so proud of them! Thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing us! We appreciate each and every person who comes in our shop, whether it's their first time on the torch, they've come back again and again, come in for a demo, or to shop our glass! THANK YOU!

Check out the updated map of our incredible students from around our lovely country! Here's to a filled in map!



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