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​Where Do I Park?

We are located on the corner of Fulton St. and Armada

Center Rd. The driveway is around the corner on

Armada Center Rd. Park in the driveway or by the fence.

The glass shop is where the blue dot is in the picture.

Click the picture to enlarge for a better view.

What Do I Bring?

There isn't anything you need to bring! We have all the

supplies you need!

What Do I Wear?

Regular clothing is just fine, but we suggest not having any loose clothing while on the torch. Also, we recommend putting your hair up if  it's long.

What Is A Lesson Like?

The beginner glass lesson is designed for those with no experience on a torch. We use a bench mounted torch for our glass shop. Donald will do a demonstration explaining the steps . When  it's your turn, Donald is hands on with you to help guide you through the steps. This is a really fun and exciting class! Check out our videos and photos to see a peek into a lesson!

What Kind Of Glass Are We Using?

We use Borosilicate glass in our shop. Our glass is hard glass like Pyrex glass used for baking. Our torches run about 3,000℉ and the glass melts at around 2,200℉.

Do I Get To Take My Glass Home After Class?

It depends on what you make! Some things we make, like the lady bugs in your first class, can be bench cooled and they are cool to the touch in about 8 minutes so those go home with you. For other glass items like marbles or larger glass, we have to put it in the kiln to anneal. For those items, you can pick them up the next day!

Do you have another question not answered above? Send us an email using our contact form and we will answer quickly!

Armada Glass Company
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