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What marble will you get?

Marble Machine Meltdown is for those who love marbles! We love making marbles and filling up our Marble Machine! We want to offer you that thrill we all had as a kid for that gumball machine! Well, here is a chance to get something we thing is a little more fun!


We will go live in our Marble Machine Meltdown Facebook group and you can get your spot to spin the machine and win your marble! We will also go live to show you the process of making marbles and other things with glass-blowing demos. We're going to have lots of fun! 

Join us for live glass blowing and reveals for the Marble Machine! Buy your spin during the live then we'll pull your capsule, open, and reveal your new marble!

Each spin is only $25! All the marbles are handmade by Donald Good and are valued from $25-$65! Beautiful swirls and patterns of color, space & flower marbles, you'll get a good one!

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