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Playing With Fire for 4H!

Donald Good of Armada Glass Company

Armada Glass Company had an absolutely incredible time participating in the Sanilac County 4-H Spring Fair! From the moment we arrived, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and creativity. Our team was thrilled to set up our booth and prepare for the day ahead.

Throughout the fair, we hosted captivating demonstrations that showcased the artistry and skill behind glassblowing. It was a joy to see the faces of attendees light up as they witnessed molten glass transform into beautiful works of art before their eyes. We were especially delighted to engage with the talented 4-H'ers, sharing our passion for glassblowing and exchanging ideas about creativity and craftsmanship.

Armada Glass Company at the Sanilac County 4H Spring Fair!

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity to explore the projects of the 4-H participants. Their dedication, ingenuity, and attention to detail were truly impressive, and we enjoyed discussing their work and offering encouragement and support. It was inspiring to see the next generation of artisans honing their skills and embracing their creativity.

In addition to our own demonstrations, we were fortunate to witness a fascinating display by Hemker Blacksmithing. Their mastery of fire and steel was nothing short of mesmerizing, and we were captivated by their intricate craftsmanship and innovative techniques.

Overall, the Sanilac County 4-H Spring Fair was an unforgettable experience for Armada Glass Company. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a vibrant and dynamic event, and we look forward to continuing to inspire and engage with the community through our passion for glassblowing.



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