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Celebrating 25 Years of Glass Artistry: Donald Good

Donald Good 25 Years of Glass Artistry & Experience

Congratulations to Donald Good for reaching an incredible milestone—25 years of glass artistry! This milestone marks not only a significant achievement but also a testament to the passion, dedication, and creativity that have defined Donald's career.

Donald’s journey began in the heart of northern California, among the majestic Redwood trees and the powerful ocean. Before glass found him, Donald held various jobs, but it was his time at AIM Kiln that paved the way for his future in glassblowing. His expertise caught the attention of 101 North Glass, a glass manufacturer in Arcata, CA, which persistently recruited him until he finally accepted the offer in 1999.

Donald’s introduction to the world of glass was intense and immersive. On his first day, he spent seven hours observing and learning without touching the glass. By his second day, he had created 19 items. His dedication and passion were evident as he quickly scaled up to producing over 50 items a day, showcasing an incredible work ethic. Donald's talent and commitment led him to become a trainer for new glass artists at 101 North Glass, passing on his knowledge and skills.

However, the trajectory of Donald's career took a significant turn during the Operation Pipe Dreams crackdown, which led to the imprisonment of the three owners of 101 North and others, including Tommy Chong. This event terminated Donald’s contract, freeing him to explore glassblowing without restrictions. Over the years, he honed his craft, learning from others and experimenting on his own. This journey of continuous learning and creativity birthed Good Glass Humboldt, a fitting name reflecting his last name and his Humboldt County roots.

Donald’s glass creations, from his signature critters to exquisite marbles, have garnered appreciation worldwide. His journey has seen him blowing glass in diverse settings—festivals, concerts, fairs, barns, garages, shipping containers, laundry rooms, schools, churches, and even on the roadside. He has shared his artistry with audiences of all sizes, from small groups to crowds of 30,000 festival-goers, and even at an island resort.

Donald Good Glass Artist of Armada Glass Company

In 2020, Donald relocated to Michigan and realized a long-held dream by founding Armada Glass Company. This venture allowed him to channel his extensive experience into teaching. His background as an instructor at 101 North Glass helped him develop a teaching style that makes glassblowing accessible to beginners. Through Armada Glass Company, Donald has taught students from 13 states and Canada, continuing to share his love for glass and nurturing new talent.

With 25 years of experience, Donald’s legacy includes training at 101 North Glass, creating world-renowned marbles and glass art, and four successful years of Armada Glass Company. His demonstrations have inspired tens of thousands across the country, and he remains dedicated to evolving his craft and exploring new ideas.

Here’s to celebrating the incredible journey of Donald Good—a journey filled with fire, glass, passion, and an unwavering commitment to artistry. Congratulations, Donald, on 25 years of extraordinary glass artistry!

Join us for an open house celebrating Donald's 25 Years of Glass July 14th, 2024 at Armada Glass company located in Armada, MI!


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