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Why The Ladybug?

The Ladybug is the best place to start if you've never been on a torch before! The truth is glassblowing is hard.. really hard! The Ladybug is very technical, but still small enough to handle. You will learn how to control the glass, gathering, applying color, making connections & disconnections, dots, making eyes, carving with tools, and more! It really does teach you so much!

The first thing you learn when you get in front of the torch is to spin. When glass melts, it turns from solid into a liquid. Spinning your glass while in the fire prevents it from drooping and you losing control of the glass. Having control of the glass with spinning is the most important part of your first lesson! This is key to being able to make beautiful and quality glass, but also keeps you safe! If you want to move forward to hollow work using glass tubes, you must have control of the glass for glassblowing!

What makes Armada Glass Company glass blowing lessons different is that YOU are the one on the torch making your glass! We always help as much as you need, but this is your piece! You can be proud that you learned and made it yourself! Take glass blowing lessons with us and you can learn to make way more than the Ladybug!

Book a glassblowing lesson with us and let's begin your glass journey!


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