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We Have The Best Students!

We have been having so much fun with our students! There has been lots of birthdays celebrated with us, countless date nights, ladies nights out, and anniversaries, too. We even had an “I just popped the question and she said, ‘Yes!’” lesson! How exciting that we get to help you celebrate these special moments with something fun!

The Girl Scouts have visited us a few times and they are always such a great group to have! They listen better than the grownups, too! 😂 We are so proud of them and can’t wait for them to come back and make something new!

Our returning students are doing well and progressing nicely with their skills! Sam has made several different items and does a great job on his airplanes. Dan makes beautiful marbles and has even been making mushroom pendants. We are so proud of you! What shall we make next class?

Come take a lesson with us! We really do have a lot of fun with you guys! Come back and make something new, too. Turtles, mushrooms, marbles, and pendants are some things you can make after the ladybug, but glass is limitless! Come learn it all!



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