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United by Glass: Celebrating Our Diverse Community of Students from Coast to Coast and Beyond!

🌍✨ Armada Glass Company is overjoyed to welcome a vibrant kaleidoscope of students from near and far! 🌎 From the picturesque landscapes of Illinois to the bustling energy of New York City, the historic charm of Massachusetts, the serene lakes of Minnesota, the sun-soaked coasts of California and Arizona, the glitzy lights of Nevada, the heartland warmth of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, the rich history of Pennsylvania, the coastal allure of Maine, the tropical vibes of Florida, and even the artistic flair of our friends from Canada – our studio has become a melting pot of creativity!

We are endlessly grateful for the incredible diversity of talent and passion that each student brings to Armada Glass Company. Your presence enriches our studio, creating a tapestry of artistic expression that spans borders and transcends distances.

To our local students, you are the heartbeat of our community, and your ongoing support and enthusiasm fuel our creative endeavors. To our friends from afar, thank you for making Armada Glass Company a destination on your artistic journey. We love and appreciate each and every one of you – here's to a tapestry of shared creativity that knows no bounds! 🎨💖🔥 #GlassArtCommunity #WorldwideCreativity #ArmadaGlassCompanyLove #GlassblowingCommunity #FromCoastToCoast #ArmadaGlassCompany



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