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Spring Is Show Time!

Spring is the beginning of show season for us and we are so excited this year! We have fairs, festivals, and so much fun planned! We are most excited about being a part of Summer Camp Music Festival in May! It is our first big show and it is going to be a blast! We will be entertaining the Summer Camp crowd with spinning glass and hot fire all while great music is happening all around!

We also have some other exciting events in the works for this spring, summer, and fall! From the Michigan Renaissance Festival and the Canterbury Village Medieval to county fairs and garden club demonstrations! We have both large and small entertainment events on the schedule and we love every one! When we get the chance to share the incredible art of glass and see faces light up and eye filled with wonder, it is just the greatest feeling!

We're excited and looking to blow glass everywhere we can! Stay tuned to what we have planned!

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