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Meet Glimmer the Turtle!

Outer Space Glass Turtle made by Donald Good of Armada Glass Company

Once upon a time in a whimsical forest nestled deep within a magical realm, there lived a shy little glass pond turtle named Glimmer. Glimmer wasn't like the other turtles in the pond; instead of a shell made of earthy hues, Glimmer's shell sparkled and shimmered like a constellation of stars trapped within glass. This made Glimmer stand out in the most enchanting way, but it also made Glimmer feel a bit self-conscious. Despite the initial hesitation, Glimmer found solace in the peaceful waters of the pond, where the gentle ripples and soft whispers of the breeze would soothe any worries away.

One sunny afternoon, while basking on a smooth river rock, Glimmer spotted a group of children giggling and playing by the water's edge. Intrigued by the joyful commotion, Glimmer cautiously approached, only to discover that the children were crafting their own glass trinkets under the guidance of a skilled artisan from Armada Glass Company. Inspired by their creativity and filled with newfound courage, Glimmer decided to join in the fun. Together, they molded molten glass into beautiful, unique turtles, each one reflecting the personality and imagination of its creator. From that day forward, Glimmer learned that true beauty lies not just in appearance, but in the art of creating something magical with friends.

Make glass turtles at Armada Glass Company!

Join us at Armada Glass Company for a day of whimsy and creativity! Bring your friends and family to craft your very own glass turtle masterpiece, just like Glimmer did. Let your imagination run wild as you shape and design your one-of-a-kind creation, adding a touch of sparkle and charm to your life. Come and experience the joy of crafting together, where every piece tells a story and every moment is filled with enchantment.

Experience the thrill of playing with fire and crafting adorable glass turtles at Armada Glass Company! Whether it's a birthday celebration, anniversary, ladies' night out, or a fun family activity, our turtle-making lessons are perfect for any occasion. Don't miss out—book your turtle lesson now and let the creativity flow!  

Visit us at to secure your spot!

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