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Armada Glass Company goes to Weekend at Birney’s II - Glass Blowing, Artists, & Glass

Weekend at Birney’s II was amazing! There was incredible glass being made all weekend and being able to witness the work going on was an awesome experience. The best part was seeing the passion that each artist had for glass! Being able to be a part of this event was awesome and hopefully there is another one soon! Thank you to the hosts and amazing artists that were involved!

Here is a list of the artists at the event. Check them out on Instagram and give them a follow to see amazing glass!

@driertim @adamthomasglass @sanfordglass @proximalglass @fireflyglass @eicherglass @blusunglass @terrysharp @globalglassworks @alexvicknairglass @banksyde @glassfuze @jackalopeglass @alexinwood_glass @talonglass @313glass @jrossglass @firefly_glass @spacekassel @bowlpusher @loosecannon @hotmilkglass @ferrisglass @coreyseif @selby420 @heady_shots @disqosucks



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