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The Armada Fair Was Awesome!

This year marked the 150th Armada Fair in Armada, Mi and it was a great week! From the exhibit barns to the main events, from the carnival rides to the competitions, the fair was filled with fun things to do and see each day. We arrived around 8 am each day and it was fun seeing how the crowd changed throughout the day. We got to meet so many new friends at the fair!

Armada Glass Company was honored to be a part of the 150th exhibit that included a blacksmith, quilters, woodworkers, yarn spinners, and more. It was wonderful being able to answer questions and talk with everyone about glass and what we do with it!

We couldn't wait to get on the torch each day and get to show you the fun we get to have every day! We started with an empty table but began quickly making things to fill it up. It was so exciting when we would get asked questions about the glass or the tools we use. It was AWESOME getting to see our students come by to see us! It was so fun when you guys would come by just to see what new things we made the day before! Thank you! It was really exciting! Thank you all who stopped by to say hi and check out Armada Glass Company! We are so thankful for everyone's support and we love our students!!!

Check out the gallery below with some of our favorite shots and visit our YouTube Channel to see a full video of Armada Glass Company at the Armada Fair!



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